BBC Annual Ordinary General Assembly 2024: recap

Yesterday, June 20th, we were honored to hold our Annual Ordinary General Assembly at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium.

By 17:30, His Excellency Mr. Rik van Droogenbroeck, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Poland officially opened the Assembly. The opening was followed by a speech by Mrs. Cynthia De Pauw, the President of the BBC and the appointment of the voting commission.

The Assembly discussed and voted the Management Board’s report on the BBC’s activities for 2023, presented by Mr. Krzysztof Kalata. Then, the Treasurer of the BBC, Mr. Ben Greeven presented the financial report for 2023 and Mr. Ronnie Richardson, the BBC’s Auditor, shared the Audit Committee’s report on the results of the audits carried out on both the financial report and the Management Board’s report. Next, Mr. Mariusz Kowolik, led a session on proposed statute changes, which were then put to a vote.

We are happy to announce that the proposed statute changes have been approved by the members and will come into effect in the coming weeks.

The highlight of the evening was the election of the new Members of the BBC Management Board. Each of the thirteen candidates had a two-minute time span to introduce themselves and present their project as BBC Board member. We then proceeded to the voting. As the votes were counted, the open discussion segment led by Mrs. Julia Stachowicz, BBC General Director, facilitated through an interactive presentation, allowed members to voice their thoughts and ideas about the BBC's activities, fostering a collaborative environment.

As a result of the elections, we are excited to share the names of the new Board Members:

- Christian Dekoninck,

- Ben Greeven,

- Krzysztof Kalata,

- Agnieszka Konarzewska-Włodarczyk,

- Mariusz Kowolik,

- Adam Ołdziejewski,

- Caroline Teugels,

- Leen Vermeersch.

Congratulations to all new Board Members!

The first task awaiting our new Board will be the choice of the next BBC President, Vice-President and Treasurer.

We then proceeded to thank the previous Board for their excellent work and outstanding contribution to the Chamber.

Last but not least, we bid farewell to Mrs. Anne Defourny and Mrs. Katrien Leinders who are off to new destinations. We are very grateful for the excellent cooperation we have had over the past years and for the support they provided to the Chamber. The Assembly was then followed by a reception at the Embassy, where members enjoyed networking in a more relaxed environment.

We would like to cordially thank the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium to Poland for co-organizing the BBC General Assembly.

We thank all our candidates to the Board for their outstanding applications!

Once again, we would like to thank all attendees who have honored us with their presence and we wish all the best to the next BBC Board!

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