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Exploring the Intersection of AI and HR: Belgian-Polish Business Forum in Katowice

Last Wednesday, on May 22nd, Katowice played host to a vibrant convergence of Belgian and Polish business interests, as professionals gathered to delve into the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and human resources (HR). The day was brimming with forward-thinking discussions, strategic networking, and a celebration of the thriving Belgian-Polish business relations at the heart of Katowice.

Attendees flocked to .KTW II to participate in an insightful exploration of the fusion between artificial intelligence (AI) and human resources (HR) within the Belgian-Polish business landscape. Hosted by SD Worx Poland, the session unveiled the transformative potential of AI-driven HR practices, ushering in efficiency and innovation across Belgian and Polish enterprises.

The morning commenced with participants mingling over breakfast, fostering an atmosphere ripe for forging fruitful connections. Ben Greeven, BBC Board Member, took to the stage to extend a warm welcome, setting the tone for an engaging day ahead.

A highlight of the morning was an insightful panel discussion featuring industry luminaries: Thomas Meinhardt, Operations Director - CEE & Adriatic, SD Worx; Paulina Zasempa, People Country Lead – Poland and CEE, SD Worx Poland; Marlena Krawiec, HR Business Partner, STS; Jarosław Bogucki, Director of Development, Integracja LAB.

Moderated by Ben Greeven, HR Tech Expert and Board Member of the Belgian Business Chamber, the discussion delved deep into the intersection of AI and HR in Belgian-Polish business.

Kamil Krepa, Leasing and Asset Director at TDJ ESTATE, captivated the audience with a compelling presentation, shedding light on innovative leasing strategies.

As the session concluded, attendees were left brimming with insights and ideas, eagerly anticipating continued discussions. The morning segued into a vibrant networking session, where connections forged over breakfast were solidified, and new opportunities emerged on the horizon.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants - we trust you found the morning replete with enriching contacts and compelling discussions!


Polish-Belgian Business Luncheon: Fostering Collaboration and Growth in Katowice

On May 22nd, a collaborative effort between the Polish-Belgian Business Luncheon and Katowice City - live, work & invest in Katowice, brought together entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders from Poland and Belgium. The event served as a catalyst for exploring exciting investment opportunities in Katowice, fostering strategic partnerships, and driving sustainable growth across Belgian and Polish industries.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Ben Greeven, Board Member of the Belgian Business Chamber, setting the stage for an enlightening day. Marcin Nowak, Vice President of the Board, followed suit with a presentation on the Gaming and Technology Hub, captivating the audience's interest.

Julia Stachowicz, General Director of the Belgian Business Chamber, then took the stage to highlight the Chamber's activities, emphasizing its role in fostering collaboration between entrepreneurs from both countries.

Marcin Bernat, Antal Regional Manager SSC/BPO, shared insights from the BEAS report, shedding light on key trends and opportunities in the shared services and business process outsourcing sectors. Mariusz Jankowski, Head of the Investor Services Department at Katowice City Hall, further fueled discussions by presenting the investment potential of Katowice, prompting a flurry of interest and questions from attendees.

The event concluded with an interactive Q&A session, offering participants a chance to glean further insights and clarifications on the topics discussed. The wrap-up marked the culmination of a productive and engaging session.

In the evening, the ambiance shifted to a more relaxed setting with the Wednesday with Beer event at Upojeni multitap. Attendees enjoyed a casual evening over delicious Belgian beer, unwinding and fostering connections, further cementing the enduring spirit of Belgian-Polish business relations.

The Polish-Belgian Business Luncheon and Wednesday with Beer proved to be successful gatherings, paving the way for future cooperation and investments between Poland and Belgium. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact of the connections and ideas generated during these events!

Below you can see photos from the event.

Photos: comtv.



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