Meet our Local Partner in Poznań: BPI Real Estate Poland!

BPI Real Estate Poland continues to develop ecological investments in Poznań


Panoramiqa and Cavallia are current residential projects being developed by BPI Real Estate Poland, a developer of Belgian origin present in the Polish real estate market since 2009. The developer's investments are distinguished by innovation and attention to urban, architectural, structural, ecological, and social detail, creating friendly and harmonious places to live and work.

The principles of sustainable development are at the heart of BPI Real Estate Poland's business strategy, forming the basis for every development project in their portfolio. The developments are designed to meet the needs of future residents. “Our projects are built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development that we have adopted, as well as our motto 'Urban shapers for good,' and our mission to shape urban harmony through inspiring development projects. We are building the cities of the future that will meet the needs of tomorrow. Our projects reflect our business strategy. We are creating city-forming projects in attractive locations that stand out in the market with thoughtful architecture and various types of solutions in the spirit of sustainable development," said Béranger Dumont, Chief Executive Officer of BPI Real Estate Poland.

Sustainability with a View - Panoramiqa

Panoramiqa is another BPI Real Estate Poland development in Poznań, being built in the Starołęka district. The project reflects the company’s business strategy and is being implemented according to the developer's principles of sustainable development and their motto 'Urban shapers for good'—their mission to shape urban harmony through inspiring development projects.

Panoramiqa's location near the intersection of Hetmańska and Unii Lubelskiej Streets provides excellent connections and access to Poznań’s full retail and service infrastructure. The investment comprises two buildings ranging in height from 7 to 17 stories. The taller building will feature a rooftop terrace with a fabulous view of Poznań, available exclusively to residents. The building will include landscaping elements, greenery, and a children's playground.

Historical Development that Looks to the Future - Cavallia

Cavallia is a modern and multifunctional residential complex being developed in Poznań's Łazarz district on the site of former cavalry barracks, right in the heart of Poznań. The project is being executed as a joint venture between two Belgian developers, BPI Real Estate Poland and Revive Poland.

This comprehensive urban project aims to actively shape the urban space in the center of Poznań. It will be a kind of mini-city within the city, open to all and designed to serve future generations. The project is being developed according to the principles of sustainable development and construction. The investors aim to breathe new life into a neglected and underutilized urban area, creating an investment that adds value to the district with plenty of greenery, eco-friendly solutions, and long-term social benefits.

In total, 12 new buildings will be constructed on the 5.5-hectare site of the former cavalry barracks, and 4 historic buildings will be revitalized, bringing the former constructions back to life in a new form. The entire complex is divided into three parts: a business section, a residential section, and a restaurant and service section while maintaining the historical atmosphere. The residential area will be in newly constructed buildings and will include high-standard and premium apartments. The complex will feature 857 apartments ranging from 25 to 135 sqm, as well as service and office spaces.

About the Company

The Belgian developer has been operating in the Polish market since 2009 and has completed seven projects, delivering over 2,000 apartments in total. These include the mixed-use project Bulwary Książęce in Wrocław and the residential projects Rezydencja Barska, WolaRE, Wola Libre, and Wola Tarasy in Warsaw, the Vilda Park development in Poznań, and the Cztery Oceany residential complex in Gdańsk. In accordance with the adopted business strategy, the company is planning to execute further projects in Poland in Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław, and Tri-city, and is also open to new attractive locations. Currently, the developer is working on the implementation of the ESG strategy to effectively introduce sustainable development principles in its projects in the coming years, including the use of various environmental solutions and innovations.

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