Meet our Local Partner in Poznań: VPK Packaging Polska!

Must have for every product

Technology, safety, convenience are the three main distinguishing features of corrugated cardboard packaging produced at VPK Packaging Poland. If you add an excellent team of experts, 10 years of experience and modern machinery, you can safely say that they are able to meet the demands of the current market.




Experience and production capacity

Despite the many factors affecting the shape and development of the packaging industry, VPK Packaging Poland has tried to cope with them and maintain stable financial growth. It succeeded in doing so thanks to, among other things, superbly functioning production facilities in Radomsko and Brzeg offering a wide range of corrugated board solutions from standard packaging, personalized packaging, display packaging to e-commerce. It was at the former location that the first plant was established in 2014, which now processes more than 110 million square meters of corrugated board per year.

In 2021, VPK invested in further plant integration and expanding its presence in the country. This included commissioning a brand-new corrugated board processing plant in Brzeg, near Wroclaw. This major investment, which allows them to provide new corrugated packaging solutions and serve a growing number of customers in this part of Europe.

The plant in Brzeg has significantly strengthened our business position and provided customers with even more modern and efficient production. The plant has been equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, a space of 22,000 sqm filled with energy-efficient LED lighting, and, above all, meets the highest safety standards for our employees. We are investing in more machinery and further developing this factory, says Jacek Kryszkiewicz, managing director of VPK Packaging Poland.

Places conducive to investment

All of VPK's plants are located in Special Economic Zones, with its headquarters located in Września (Greater Poland). These are spaces undoubtedly conducive to further investment. Geographically, the company is also finally present in the region, which contributes to shortening the distance separating it until now from potential customers located in the southwest of Poland. VPK has ambitious plans for the future and is considering further development and further investments in its machinery, with a strong focus on the western part of Poland as well. Currently, AQUILA, a company also part of the VPK Group, is expanding its corrugated board plant in Września and plans to launch a brand-new FOSBER corrugator there at the beginning of the first quarter of 2025.

They act locally, think globally

VPK Packaging Poland is an expert in developing innovative corrugated packaging solutions. It is part of the VPK Group - an international packaging manufacturer with 60 plants in 20 countries, headquartered in Belgium. Since 2015, the company has been providing customers with high-quality and compliant products. It offers a wide range of cardboard solutions from standard packaging, personalized packaging, display packaging to e-commerce. All products are developed with the environment in mind, and recycled raw materials are used in their production. Being part of a group allows you to take a long-term view of your investments, while a simplified decision-making path and basing the business on expertise and experience strengthens the activities of local teams. The strategy of the entire VPK Group is characterized by a strong long-term vision and continuous efforts to achieve sustainable development, both economically and environmentally.

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